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My portfolio website! I make movies and take pretty pictures.

I talk mostly about my [boring] life, filmmaking, my photography, and some things I'm interested in.

Film major at le Fitchburg State University

I run the horse racing blog The Galloping Hat Rack

Future documentary filmmaker

I post photos of my dog a lot sorry not sorry


Editing morning work photos

While checking Equibase to see if I can ID anyone— especially all those plain brown wrapper Pletchers— and there’s a 2-year-old colt named Seuss who breezed.

Now that’s a gut pick when he starts.

20 Bartenders Reveal What Your Drink Says About You

Most of these are true. The least true one would probably be the one about gay guys… they order just about anything a straight guy would.

And I wish we had a tidal wave.

Lesson (relearned) of the day

You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

With that said, welcome back electricity and Wi-Fi, how I missed you.

Ooooooh hearing Dayatthespa is getting put into a race almost for sure this week and she’s been nominated for the De La Rose on Saturday…

Our meeting is almost assured.

I finally finished Book 2 of The Legend of Korra this morning, sitting on the couch covered with dogs. Don’t know how I feel about it (the finale, not the dogs).

In the meantime, this site seems to be broken when I want to upload more photos from Saratoga and of the dogs from today >.>